veggie noodles in 10

My favorite 10 minute meal. While boiling water for my whole wheat noodles, I slice and dice my veggies. (trumpet mushrooms, baby carrots, broccoli, and green onions) Then really quickly, i sauté the veggies with minced garlic and some chicken broth. Once, veggies are about done, I add hot water and the ready cooked noodles into the pan...and cook for another 2 minutes and voila. Sprinkle pepper and salt accordingly. Super yummy and healthy!!

my dark side

Usually, my favorite colors are white, beige, cream, oh..and did i say white? :) But lately, i've been loving this black and gold combo!! Or maybe i've just staring at the Hermes Constance bag too much. 1. gold flateware 2. hermes constance bag 3. hermes meteor bracelet 4. teacup candle 5. jimmy choo pumps 6. marc jacobs top top top 7. antique books 8. chanel lipstick 9. moroccan cups 10. bourgie kartell lamp


hearting over trunks...

I've been hearting Jack Russel Malletier's line of trunks and trollies for a while now. I love the clean lines and the simplicity of this classic look. Would love to buy the 64cm and 84cm trunks in their white coated canvas with the tan leather trim! (but of course, if I can even afford _ GOYARD trunks would be my ultimate dream! (hence "dream"))


my DIY party decor

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will win the DIY PARTY competition hosted by Bliss and Urban Scarlet. The theme that i created was using stuff you already have at home. I've collected a couple of my favorite framed art, glassware, and ceramic ware (tea pot, mug, pitcher). Then I made a doily garland, chopstick ribbon/doily flags, tissue pom poms, and a real easy name tag for the table. I spent less than 15 bucks buying: doilies, ribbons, tissue paper, tassel and fresh flowers! I had uber fun doing this_makes me wanna go into this event/styling industry!!!


circus circus

I've been dying to watch "Water for Elephants" and i must say after seeing it finally... I wasn't disappointed AT ALL! I love the set design and the wonderful way the movie transported me to a different era. The costumes and animals were magnificent, especially Rosie (elephant). I've always adore vintage carnival/circus graphics. There is something very enchanting about the busy typeface and imageries all juxtapose together. I love it! (images google images)



Mila is the happiest sleeping baby in the world. Mommy_Adele Enersen creates dream worlds around her sleeping baby and captures them in film. Her dreams are created from clothing, towels, props. Mila might be riding elephants or hanging from a clothes line or whatever else her imaginative mother thinks of! Are these the CUTEST or what!! This has totally inspired me to be more and creative!!


hendrick's ... so lovely

I recently saw an AWESOME bottle of Hendrick's Gin at a liquor shop.. after seeing it, i felt the urge to check out their website....and BOY was I in for a lovely surprise!!! I LOOVVE what they've done to their website. The graphics_perfection. It has such a great nostalgic/old world feel_ what a wonderful site to indulge your eyes in.


items i love

I love sharing my "stuff" with every person that comes thru my door. From bunnies to tofu-oyako, and anything food-related (donut keychains, biscuit erasers, plush drumstick...etc) I like to leave them on shelves, tables, even in drawers... I'm OBSESSED! But they make me smile every time i see them!


perfect black dress

The other day when I saw diana from EXPRESS-O blogging about this fabulous black dress from Steven Alan... I gasped secretly and thought.. I found it! I've found my perfect little black dress. It's demure on the front with a sexy dropped back. It's PERFECT! (but it won't be available until 2-3 weeks later) Their other looks are also too cute! It's so effortlessly french.

cotherstone house

Beautiful cotherstone house....i'd love to live here! I can't stop looking at all the objects in this room! There's so much character.


loving these...

Super lovely vintage-inspired packaging from Aussie's Sohum. How cute are the savon bon bons!


summer dreamin'

While doing my nails yesterday, I took out 3 of my favorite summer colors from essie...mint apple candy, punchy pink and haute as hello (left to right). I thought these color combo made such a pretty summer palette. I'm am sooo ready for some sizzling HOT weather. It's been a long chilly winter/spring here in la. I can't wait til it's shorts and flip flop season!! 1. my snapshot of nail colors 2. teacup 3. chippendale chair 4. jcrew's overnight bag 5. tkees flip flop 6. eos lip balm. Woo. and those outfits are by none other than fabulous_JCREW!

yummy snacks

Every time I go to Trader Joe's _ i can't resist not buying their tub of oatmeal raisin cookies. They're SOO delicious! I could finish half the tub in one sitting. (Not good.) To go with my afternoon cravings...I'll often eat them with gummies, a handful of the omega trek mix, and a small cup of chai latte. 1. TJ's oatmeal raisin cookies 2. black forest gummy bears 3. TJ's omega trek mix



I know, I know... artificial flowers really take away the essence of FRESH CUTS, but for lazy people like myself_these are great! and they last forever! lol. Don't they look fabulous?! 1. flowers and glass jar bought from homegoods 2. pottery barn kids_plush bunny


my new favorite outfit

Since buying this chunky grandpa sweater from madewell, I've been having a hard time taking it OFF! It's uber soft and is the perfect cut. Yes with 2 pockets on the front! I love. 1. sweater from madewell 2. scarf from h&m 3. ps1 bag from proenza schouler 4. flats from lanvin


nursery amazing

Can I be a baby again? This room looks divine! The crib can be transformed into a bed by just loosing the side walls. I'm obsessed! Check out more at_ Savio Firmino. (All of their other furniture is just exquisite)