pretty florals to wear

I love Honey & Twig's modern interpretation of hair adornments! My favorite series are these taken deep in the woods. The feminine and delicate ruffles look so fresh and dreamy! Makes me wanna to wear a different piece for everyday. Woo_ and their bridal collection/veils are even more divine!


modern holiday decor

Yiay, I'm excited to shop JL Design's new line of modern holiday decor! Love the balsa wood ornaments and the gilded branches. Check more out here! JL DESIGN


Slumber party

One of my favorite movie is "A Little Princess" directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Though Sara and Becky were locked away in the attic, they fulfilled their days with fun imaginative dreams. I wouldn't mind if I was locked away with these items in an attic~ 1. Canvas print . 2. shabby chandelier 3. Pleated top 4. Old Fashion long john 5. french chest (sorry don't remember where i snapped a screen shot from) 6. Mercury Glass candle 7. Jumbo satin barrette 8. Key bottle opener 9. Textured towels


wall decals

Never knew wall decals can be so awesome! I want the dangly animal suits. (top left) They can dangle their feet in my guest room! And how clever is the headboard decal. Great for temporarily living, cuz no bed is complete without a headboard! Check more out at BLINK.


wood you be...

Christmas is just around the corner, and one of my favoritest thing is not only receiving presents but also buying presents for others! Along with that comes the packaging!! I love buying ribbons, tags, boxes...etc. I came across this fabulous Etsy shop call Somethings Hiding Here and their lovely products! How clever is that_ Wood you be mine?! and the silhouette tags! Luv it~