pretty florals to wear

I love Honey & Twig's modern interpretation of hair adornments! My favorite series are these taken deep in the woods. The feminine and delicate ruffles look so fresh and dreamy! Makes me wanna to wear a different piece for everyday. Woo_ and their bridal collection/veils are even more divine!


modern holiday decor

Yiay, I'm excited to shop JL Design's new line of modern holiday decor! Love the balsa wood ornaments and the gilded branches. Check more out here! JL DESIGN


Slumber party

One of my favorite movie is "A Little Princess" directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Though Sara and Becky were locked away in the attic, they fulfilled their days with fun imaginative dreams. I wouldn't mind if I was locked away with these items in an attic~ 1. Canvas print . 2. shabby chandelier 3. Pleated top 4. Old Fashion long john 5. french chest (sorry don't remember where i snapped a screen shot from) 6. Mercury Glass candle 7. Jumbo satin barrette 8. Key bottle opener 9. Textured towels


wall decals

Never knew wall decals can be so awesome! I want the dangly animal suits. (top left) They can dangle their feet in my guest room! And how clever is the headboard decal. Great for temporarily living, cuz no bed is complete without a headboard! Check more out at BLINK.


wood you be...

Christmas is just around the corner, and one of my favoritest thing is not only receiving presents but also buying presents for others! Along with that comes the packaging!! I love buying ribbons, tags, boxes...etc. I came across this fabulous Etsy shop call Somethings Hiding Here and their lovely products! How clever is that_ Wood you be mine?! and the silhouette tags! Luv it~


pretty in white

I love this pretty home in white! Something about the Swedish and how they've perfected the ability in making white warm and cozy! I adore the white floors, the high ceilings, and most of all ...accents of personal touches! (clutter, sweater thrown somewhere.... traces of the inhabitants) Pictures via Desire to Inspire

casual chic

Favorite outfit of the month! 1. Jcrew chambray shirt 2. comme des garcon cadigan 3. Jcrew sweatpants from the little boys section! (yep...i'm short enough. size 14!) 4. white tank from Forever21 5. Necklace from Forever21 6. classic Converse chucks! 7. Goyard tote 8. Elizabeth and James studded ring.


iconic outfits

Illustrators James Mathers and Andrew Lau of ad team Moxy Creative has redefined _capturing the essence. The 1st collection called DRESS THE PART, consists of 10 re-design movie posters inspired by Men's Style. 2nd collection, ENSEMBLE, consists of 20 posters of all time favorite musicians, and their lovely style!


cute little friends

I love these amazing little stamps from The Small Object! I want to collect them all and stamp them on everything i own. Like inside a book cover, on a tissue box, or woo.... on my napkins!


pretty in pink

I recently purchased this wonderful ruffled dress(2) from H&M for only $59! Which has in return inspired me to do a 'PrettyInPink' posting. 1. J Crew wedding fall 2010 3. PartyPoms 4. Paul & Joe Lipstick 5. Forever21 pearl earrings 6. Chantecaille Lip Potion 7. Christian Louboutins


three potato four

I discovered Three Potato Four thru Lonny Mag. And what an amazing store it is! They have everything from French ceramic plates to vintage clocks to even metal clamps!(from woodshop class!) This is totally my type of store!

secret squirrel winter...

Awesome outfits from Secret Squirrel winter 2010! I love the splash of glitter in the casual but chic looks!

framed objects

They're finally in stock again! I saw these a year ago on OH JOY...and wanted to buy them ASAP...but they were all sold out. Get yours now at Framed Objects by THE....before they run out!


vintage inspired collages

I newly discovered a wonderful artist and her blog Tania-Wildheart and her brilliant creations! I love them all. I've always had a thing for vintage graphics and I say BRAVO to her.. she's nailed it on the spot! Perfecting every one of her lovely compositions!

a little R&R time...

The weather is getting cooler and sometimes I just want to do nothing and lay at home all day. Found these great items from one of my favorite stores_Z Gallerie! Imagine this scene_romantic ruffled pillows, cozied up with a soft cable knit throw.....all while enjoying the aromas of Edgar Allen Poe' s Library Home Fragrance collection. (Cardamom, Absinthe and Sandalwood!)


yummy cookies

Look at these delicious cookies by Whimsey & Spice! I'm thinking about ordering a box for Thanksgiving!


romantic whites

My obsession with white continues. Lovely white spaces found from French Blue blogspot.

favorite illustrations...

Are they adorable or what?... from one of my favorite etsy shop_ badbird! I wanna to buy them all!


great finds...

Here are some of my favorite items from Jayson Home & Garden. The store is based in Chicago but has an extensive online stop! It's the perfect mix of vintage, bohemian and modern chic. My favorite section is the "flea & accessories" tab! 1. chinese screens 2. antique settee 3. horn magnifier 4. horn spoons 5. clotches 6. kale and roses 7. copper kettle (sold out) 8. soap set


cotton and tomatoes for a wedding?

Who woulda thought instead flowers for a wedding center piece...cotton, tomatoes, and succulents would be a splendid swap!? I love the rustic feel this wedding has been set to. It celebrates LOVE in the most understated, down-to- earth way. Bravo to floral & event stylist Carissa Jones_ founder of JL Designs.


great packaging essentials

Woolala~didnt know we can do so much with just tape! Looky_ pokadots, rainbows and stripes oh my! One of my all time favorites for wrapping gifts is...butcher paper tied with red/white string. Check more out at Papermash!


babykit for adults

I don't know if its the kid in me that never wants to grow up...but I've always been slightly obsessed with buying baby stuff for myself. Is it not normal for a grown adult to have 2 baby blankets? 1. coin bank 2. baby blanket 3. candle 4. pokadot pj pants 5. lotion 6. giraffe 7. night light 8. bamboo utensils 9. containers


pretty fall colors

I love the colors of the mist, branches, and lavender skies the photographs from DACE has captured. This has inspired me to get my next batch of nail polishes from essie. (left to right color: turguoise caicos, merino colors, miss matched, cafe forgot)


biodegradable tableware!

Finally somebody jumped on board to design green-disposable tableware! Sometimes we really do need a single-use option...right? We're not lazy. This collection_Simplicity Wasara is designed in Japan by Shinichiro Ogata and may I say_ it's magnificent! They're made from 100% tree-free renewable materials- sugar cane fiber, bamboo and reed pulp! And get this_ they're suitable for cold, hot, and even oily foods! Since it's oil and water-resistant! Me likey! Even the packaging is awesome!


kanye's runaway

I recently watched Kanye West's new Runaway video (more like a short film...being 34 minutes long)_ and may I just say BRAVO! I love the colors, the cinematography and most of all_ the amazing ballerinas!! (images were screen shots from MTV)


nancy zhang...

I discovered these a while back when i was browsing thru one of my favorite websites_lookbook.nu. I love these illustrations of Nancy Zhang's daily outfits.


casual chic

All of a sudden felt the urge to shop it up online. This is what I had in my shopping bag! 1. 3. 4. all from Jcrew. 5. vintage jumbo Chanel bag. 6. boots from Jeffrey Campbell. 7. leather shorts from Vanessa Bruno 8. necklace from Jcrew again.


i want this!

I'd love to have my bedroom look like this! A mix of woven leather, Egyptian cotton and cashmere! So luxurious! I just wanna plop down and lay in bed all day. Image from Lonny Mag. Monogramed sheets from Pottery Barn.


wonderful foods

Recently discovered photographer Beth Galton and her amazing collection of work. Her photos are clear and to-the-point, and wonderfully composed! She makes everything that is photographed seem magically delicious, vibrant and captivating!



Amazing paper dolls illustrated by Dollas Shaw in collaboration with DACE. Reminded me of my childhood collection of paperdoll books. Wonder where I've stash them away...

favorite outfits from....

some of my favorite outfits from The Sartorialist.


my Amish bliss...

Photograph taken by Tamara Muth-king sparked a little Amish daydream for myself. Antler sconce from DWR. Chair and vintage book boxes from Wisteria. Fabulous madeline hat from DearGoldenVintage shop. A white pleated shirt from Vanessa Bruno. Ruffled shorts from ISHII. And lovely oxfords from Loeffler Randalls.

my favorite letterpress people

Let's get letterpressed! I love the eclectic styles of graphics the designers at Sideshow Press creates. Look at the snake skin texture!! love it.


happy halloween~ scary workout machines

I somehow came across these images thru a google term search....and what a pleasant surprise. I guess we've been obsessed with exercising and staying fit since way back. lol. I love the tummy rub in picture J6! Let's get rid of that belly fat. Also, notice the "formal suits" that they wore whilst getting in shape. hmm?


vintage graphics

I'm obsessed with vintage nostalgic graphics. And how lovely are these from Papier Valise! Remember those flash cards that taught us our first words?!

fifi for fashion

Woolala~I just bought my copy of Fifi Laplin's WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TODAY. Isn't this the most adorable book ever!? I can't wait to flip thru Fifi's advice on dressing for different occasions, makeup tips, and interviews with designers. The illustrations are divine. Thank you Krisatomic for the sneak peak of the book, and your lovely images! Can't wait to get mine in the mail.

a couch's best friends?

One of my favoritest thing is _ partaking in being a couchpotato. Here are my top 4 munchies. 1. Lindt's classic white chocolate 2. Starbuck's soy chai 3. Pinkberry's original frozen yogurt 4. Trader Joe's Madeline French cakes. {image of couch from lonny mag}


summer collection for fall?

Creamy colors with velvety silks. I love Secret Squirrel Label's summer collection 2010. I know_ it's fall, but I actually really think it's quite appropriate for our autumn weather here in LA.

music room

I love photographer Scott Schuman's {from The Sartorialist} series of the "music room." The photos amazingly captures the colors, and textures, and most importantly_ a hint of memories the rooms leave behind. I love how the girl, with just her guitar_ just her music, defines so much creativity and youthfulness!


bottega louie

Last weekend, i finally had the chance to stop by Bottega Louie for brunch. Did i say_yummy!!? Everything there was just delish. I instantly felt like i was back in nyc when i walked in, great space and vibe. This place has dramatically climbed up my lists of favorite restaurants/places to BE. {pictures from bottega's blog}


slipcover makeover

Aren't these amazing!? I love the hand-drawn look these slipcovers have. A cheap way to add character and woomph to a room. Check more out at Ridiculous Design.


marie antoinette reinvented

Came across this pretty picture of the 3 girls from Rachel's Blog, and i just love the colors andrich textures the shot captured. It's a clever juxtaposition of denim next to girly sequins and lace.


my favorite outfit of the month

Ever since i got my PS1 {Netaporter} in the saddle color, i've been guilty of sporting this outfit a handful of times. I love this muted look_ a blend of creams and taupes. {both tops from Jcrew, necklace from Shopbop, and shoes from Bensimon}



Aren't these bulbous glass globes amazing?! Designer Katie Macdonald of Botany Factory creates mini gardens that are nearly self-sufficient, requiring only sunlight and the occasional spritzing. Which is totally my kind of gardening~ What a clever way to bring a little of the great outdoor inside.

everlasting chanel

A lovely watercolor piece that captures the changing color of aged perfume. That amber hue is so pretty and rich! I wonder when my bottle is going to start changing color. You can see more of Teresa's illustrations at Artbyteresasheeley.

can't wait to take a bubble bath

I recently purchased a jar of "wish foaming bubble bath" from LOLLIA. Which by the way, I am obsessed with. I love all of their products, but most of all_their delicate packaging! Doesn't it all look so yummy. If only my bathtub at home looked like that {above}. (I'm not sure where got that photo of the bath tub - I cruise around the web and save images that makes me happy, so apologies for not crediting!):


UP for halloween~

This year, Me and Mark (bf) have decided to pay tribute to one of our favoritest Pixar movies _UP! Mark will be sporting Carl Fredricksen, whilst I will be fat boy Russel. The 8 year old Wilderness Explorer!

rain rain come my way

It's been raining in LA for the past couple of days. Gloomy as it can be, I've been on a quest for pretty umbrellas ~ to brighten my day. Look how romantic rainy days can be with ruffles and a hint of color. 1st two umbrellas found at Umbrelllas and the 3rd from Bella Umbrella.