my kind of room

Yesterday when i was flipping thru magazines, I discovered this magnificent ruffle-layered cake by Maggie Austin Cake. I want it for any holiday or just for the heck of it! Well, this sparked an urge for a picture-perfect Parisian room with all the right items! 1. wall sconce 2. porceline keys 3. ruffled duvet 4. Kartell ghost chair 5. cake 6. oops 7. vintage bottles 8. sheepskin rug


  1. i've been in LOVE with that ruffled cake since i first laid eyes on it a few months back. i've been wondering how she did that, you know, the "ruffly" party.. it will probably become one of the little mysteries i'll never know ;)

  2. That ruffled duvet is so romantic and sweet:) Have a fantastic weekend, my dear